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        CNC portable cutting machine



         ★ small, anti-jamming: The Sino-US joint use of equipment, professional industrial computer control, to be reasonably compact design of the structure so that it has a light weight, small size and ease of movement is suitable for indoor and outdoor, small and medium enterprises, enhance production efficiency and Material utilization and reduce costs. 

        ★ simple program sets of materials: simple graphics can be programmed by hand, can also be purchased through the random programming software to automatically set any graphics programming material. The software will be able to Auto CAD drawing of the map to access parts of the DXF file format for direct reading, and then automatically sets of programming expected, the control system will automatically switch to the identification of the G code. Parts do not need to re-draw maps do not need to manually write code. 

        ★ convenient and flexible access to the document: to support the USB interface, the user will be required to cut output to the U disk file and then cut into micro-machines, USB interface to transfer files (the computer can be connected with the transfer procedure) user space program 128K, 64 program files can be stored, and to facilitate the realization of the editorial process, transmission and delivery. 

        ★ simple convenience: The operation can be the same car as semi-automatic manual cutting can be as large as CNC cutting machine automatically cut. 

        ★ dynamic / static graphics processing display: 5.7 "LCD, all-Chinese menu, prompted Chinese characters, static and dynamic graphics processing, and intuitive to learn. 

        A wide range of uses:

        Can be used in automobiles, shipbuilding, petrochemical, boiler and pressure vessel, engineering machinery, light industry and machinery industry. Applicable to the carbon steel (flame cutting), and so the sheet metal cutting and cutting. Particularly suitable for different lines of the face-piece and mass production.