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        CNC screw milling machine




        1. Screw milling machine, can machining single-head and multihead rotors of spiral drilling rigs (downhole motors), the max machining diameter isφ300㎜, Min. diameter isφ65㎜, Max. workpiece length is 4m, effective milling length is 3m

        2. Main technical parameter:

           Triaxial linkage: X+Z+C(spindle rotation)

           Z axis (lengthways) carriage moving distance:  3.5m

           X axis (crosswise) carriage moving distance:  300mm

           Quck travel speed Z/X                         4000/3000(m/min)

           Screw pitch range:                            5~1000㎜;

           Groove depth:                                0~80㎜

           Minimum pulse equivalent Z/X                 0.01/0.005㎜